Adventure Holiday Companies – Booking and Preparing for Your Trip

A safe, fun and memorable adventure holiday is becoming an increasingly popular way to spend vacation these days and the possibilities are endless. You can undertake the adventure on a solo journey, bring your spouse along or even take the whole family. Almost all adventures you could think of are available in some form or another, such options can include sailing a small yacht across the Mediterranean sea, riding ATV’s through Kakadu National Park in the Australian outback, renting a deserted island from local indigenous people off the coast of Panama or hiking to the Lost City in the jungles of Colombia. Of course, none of these options would be as safe as visiting Disneyland but by undergoing a little preparation and following several guidelines risks can be brought to a minimum, allowing you to return home and spend the next few months bragging about your adventure to your relatives, friends and colleagues – with every right to do so.

Booking your adventure holiday can seem like a daunting task at first, with so many things to consider. One has to worry about company reputation and whether they follow necessary stringent procedures in order to make your trip not only safe but enjoyable. Being squashed into an overcrowded minivan for 8 hours on the mountainous peruvian roads is no fun and not worth saving a few dollars, believe me.

Ideally your booking should be made through a larger recognized company which must protect it’s reputation, as opposed to smaller companies whose issues may fly under the radar as they are not well established. Any company you do choose, make sure to perform a Google search and look for people’s reviews to find out about how their experiences were. Unfortunately there are a large amount of shady characters in this industry so ‘winging it’ is just not a good idea.

Planning your trip should be fun, this is actually one of my favourite parts of travel. I love using tools such as Google Maps and Google Earth, viewing photos of certain locations on Flickr and reading about other peoples experiences on web forums. These are all great ways to know what to expect upon arrival and also, if visiting a 3rd world country it’s a fantastic way to familiarise yourself with many common scams, such as taxi drivers overcharging foreigners or people exchanging false local bills for your currency. Ask lots and lots of questions, you will be surprised at what you learn, not only about location but also which gear to bring or which airline is best.

Also, something which I view as a necessity is an insurance policy but be careful, these can become very expensive very quickly! Know exactly which activities you will undertake and create your policy specifically for these however allow yourself the ability to include more during your trip in case you encounter something you wish to do at a later date. Compare prices with other companies, don’t necessarily use the insurance offered by your adventure holiday company as they receive a large amount of commission.

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