Adventure Holidays Africa: Teach Sport Volunteering in South Africa

It is perfectly possible to go on African adventure holidays and also indulge your passion for sport. One of the most rewarding ways of doing this is by joining a volunteer project.

Volunteers tend to have a sense of adventure, and come from a range of various backgrounds and from all over the world. What unites you all in this holiday is your passion for sport.

Use your sporting skills volunteering in South Africa to help disadvantaged kids to enjoy sports and games. You will be based at a highly regarded sports foundation in Port Elizabeth, situated right on the coast.

You will visit local primary schools every day to coach the sport of your choice. The support you will receive from the staff at the sports foundation is second to none. They will take you to each session and give you all the guidance you need.

The programme teaches the kids the importance of maintaining positive attitudes, and health education is an important aspect of the project. This is very rewarding and important work, which gives children opportunities and hope.

This is a very sociable experience as you will work with other volunteers and there is a lot to do in your spare time. Your accommodation will be of a very high standard, with a swimming pool, table tennis, TV channels and a nearby shop. Port Elizabeth is a very interesting place and possesses excellent bars and restaurants and many excellent places to see. Your hosts will also organize trips and outings for you.

The company takes very seriously their obligations towards the communities they work with in Ghana. Full-time staff assist you throughout your stay. The employees are mainly local people who get a good local salary and will give you all of the support you will need.

The organization is also environmentally responsible. For example, volunteers are encouraged to not use plastic water bottles because they are difficult to dispose of responsibly. They recycle and offset their co2 emissions coming from staff traveling to their various destinations around the world. They feel that measures like this can be the first step toward preserving the earth for generations to come.

All the volunteers receive a comprehensive pre-departure briefing. This covers subjects such as how you can be responsive to the local culture, how best to care for the environment when in the country, and the way to keep yourself safe. Volunteering is one of the most satisfying adventure holidays Africa can offer you,and Africa will reward your efforts with its beauty and love.

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