Best Adventure Holidays in Mali

A stable country of famous history empires and seemingly endless deserts, Mali is on of West Africa’s most fascinating destinations. A land of contrasts, from the arid inhospitable deserts of the north to the green and tree-lined savannahs of the south, Mali offers a wealth of sites for adventure travellers. Despite its size, the highlights of Mali can be visited in a couple of weeks on of one many adventure holidays in Mali.

Adventure holidays in Mali range from cultural journeys to desert safaris and offer a fascinating insight to this often overlooked West African country. Some of the best adventure holidays in Mali are those that visit the infamous city of Timbuktu. Timbuktu is steeped in history and offers travellers architectural attractions that include exquisitely beautiful mosques and tombs that date to the medieval era. A visit here is often the highlight of any holiday in Mali.

However, other popular adventure holidays in Mali involve such activities as visiting the Dogon Country; a wilderness of rock, shrub, barren sands and traditional villages, camel riding, desert camping, attending cultural festivals like Essakane Festival, and enjoying a river cruise along the famous Nile from Mopti; an active river port town to Timbuktu; the renowned historic city.

It’s also possible to do an overland tour where you can combine a holiday in Mali with a holiday in countries such as Senegal, Gambia, Benin, Togo, Mauritania and Burkina Faso as well. This is the ultimate West African adventure.

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